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Universal War Mini-Test



1.- The mini-test (tournament map) is composed for 2 Star System. Each Star System has a defined number of planets (2 in our mini-test) and each planet has 2 satellites in orbit. Each planet has a color, remain the same for their satellites. Each player begins the tournament associated with a planet and their satellites.

2.- Each player must to choose at the moment of inscription which MAN2 map represent his planet and their 2 satellites. In this mini-test planet and satellites will be smalls (S) maps.

3.- Each player has 2 space ship (called Chip) at the start that represent 2 battle forces. The Chips are numbered 1 to 2 and they have the same color than the player’s planet and satellites.

4.- The Chips are the “attack” forces that the player uses to conquer planets or satellites of the opponents. Each Chip has 2 turns of actions for the first phase of this mini-test, 2 attack turns.

5.- The Star System map contains arrows drawn between planets which represent their connection. In our mini-test there is only 1 arrow between the 2 planets of each Star System.

6.- Usually each player chooses in each Chip’s turn what is the action that wants to do, with the exception of the first turn. In our mini-test the 2 Chips of each player will attack the 2 satellites of the opponent. Administrators will do these attacks.

7.- For to be able of attack a planet, the player must to have under control firstly a satellite of that planet.

8.- The attacks will be represented by MAN2 games. Attacking player will always play as green (F.N.U.) and defender player as red (P.L). This point simulates the radar interception of the invader, initiating the defense. The map of the game will be which associated with that attacked planet/satellite. All the games will be created with the following settings:

          a) Allies density: Medium

          b) Revenue Turns: 10

c) Game time limit:

5 days of chess clock time limit with 23 frozen hours for satellite and planet battles.

d) Set of units: Extended.

e) In-Game time: Infinite.

9.- The maximum number of simultaneous attack games by player is 2 (1 attack by Chip) and the maximum number of simultaneous defense games by player is also fixed in 2 in this first phase of the mini-test. 

10.- If a Chip attacks and wins the battle he occupies the satellite/planet. In this case, the satellite/planet changes his color and takes the winner player’s color.

11.- If a Chip attacks and loses the battle it remains on the orbit of attacked planet, but if a player has no planet/satellite under control in that moment he will lose the attacking Chip. (in our mini-test this situation is not working)

12.- First phase of the tournament is finished after players will do 2 turns of attack by Chip.



1.- This 2nd phase is a team’s competition. The winner of each Star-System is called “Commander” and this player will be who will take actions (move or attack) about all the team’s Chips.

2.- The rest of players (1 in our mini-test) will be the “soldiers” of the team and they will play the attack games that Commander choose for them. If they have some planet or satellite under control (in our mini-test we have changed the owner for 1 planet and satellite for andorover and Robirobs) they will play the defensive games as usually.

 3.- In 2nd phase each planet (only planet, not satellite) has a “Garrison” and is the Commander who assigns team’s players to each “Garrison” team’s planet before the start of phase 2. “Garrison” is the last chance for a team of keep the planet under control and only is in action when planet’s defender loses the game. In “Garrison” game, winner of the 1st battle (attacker) will play red and the number of revenue turns is fixed in 5.

4.- In this phase it was created a communication way between Star-Systems called “Helliopause”. Commander can move the Chips of his team to “Helliopause” and from there to another Star-System.

5.- If “Garrison” player loses the game, planet will be finally under control of the opponent and the Commander of new owner´s team must to assign Garrison’s player for that planet.


The rest of rules of this mini-test about battles settings, number of moves or attacks, etc. have no variation. 

Team Planets Satellites Points
Team 1 2 5 20
Team 2 2 3 16
Alias Team Planets Satellites Points
Goo Team 1 1 4 13
tese1969 Team 2 1 3 11
andorover Team 1 1 1 7
RobiRobs Team 2 1 0 5

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