The Annual Game Tournament: The King of M.A.N. 2 Hill 2008

  1. This tournament is individual - each player participates in his own way.

  2. Players will be seeded into groups for preliminary round (Round 0), with optimal number of 9 players in each group (however, some groups will consist of 4-12 players).

  3. According to the table below and taking into account that this table implies the number of 9 participants, every player will play 4 battles on the F.N.U. side and 4 battles on the P.L. side:

    Player's Number
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



  4. Basing on preliminary round, each winner of a group will get in the first highest division of official part of the contest; those, who take the second place in preliminary round - will make up the second division, etc. Within each group players will be positioned based on their Glicko Rating.
    Note: The purpose of preliminary round is to bring together players in friendly competition wherein their abilities may be tested against opponents of comparable skill.

  5. All tournament's battles will be created as rating games, with normal allies density, infinity in-game limit, 10 turns of revenue and extended unit's set.
    Each round will last for 2 weeks of chess-clock time (28 days). The last round will last for 3 weeks of chess clock time (42 days). At the end of each month 2 top players from each division will advance to the upper one and those two players with lowers score in division will move to the lower one.

  6. Players will get 3 points for each victory, 1 point - for each draw, and 0 points - for each defeat.

  7. If a participant misses two rounds of the tournament, heíll have to leave the contest.

  8. Possible planets:
    ∑ Emerald (January) - preliminary round
    ∑ Antarcticus (February)
    ∑ V6 (March)
    ∑ New planet (April)
    ∑ Crateus (May)
    ∑ Treasure Island (June)
    ∑ San Fernando (July)
    ∑ New planet (August)
    ∑ New planet (September)
    ∑ Lionís Eye (October)
    ∑ Anubis (November - December) - final round
    When itís possible, the moderators of the tournament have a right to substitute any planet from the list.

  9. At the end of each round the 2 best players from division advance to the upper one, and the two players with lowers scores in division go to the lower one (winners in each division will be get awards as set out below).

  10. Scores:
    Within each round every player will get special score that counts for his positioning among others by the end of 2008. The score in each round being determined based on following equation:
    Score for Player A = (20-2*m) *(1/nd)+bon, where
    m - player's place in a group assuming the group consists of 9 players;
    nd - division's number;
    bon - bonus score for players that finish 1st or 2nd in their Division provided that they advanced to a higher division during the previous round (bon=8 if the group consists of 9 players).

  11. Awards:
    The winners of each month in the first division will get three transferable awards:
    For the 1st place - The King of the Hill award;
    For the 2nd place - The Prince of the Hill award;
    For the 3rd place - The Lord of the Hill award.

    Additionally, the winners of each month in all the other divisions will get transferable ďThe King of the X divisionĒ award.

    The winners of the whole tournament will get the lifetime medals:
    For the 1st place - The King of MAN Hill 2008;
    For the 2nd place - The Prince of MAN 2 Hill 2008;
    For the 3rd place - The Lord of MAN 2 Hill 2008.

  12. If two or more players have the same score, the winner will be defined based on following factors (listed in priority order):
    a. Result of battles for equal-score players.
    b. Difference: (Sum of turns in lost battles minus sum of turns in won battles between players, who have equal score).
    c. Difference: (Sum of turns in lost battles minus sum of turns in all won battles).
    d. Glicko rating of players.

  13. The Tourney Moderators are Tiger and Mike). If you have any questions, please direct them to

If you have questions contact tournament moderators.