1. The Tournament is available for MAN 2 Demo players ONLY! Those players, who have the Lifetime Subscription, but play the Demo version of the game, cannot join the tournament.
  2. All participants of the tournament will be divided into several groups.
  3. In each group players will play just one game against one opponent. Each round of the tournament will consist of 10 battles. (This number can be change basing on the number of players in the group).
  4. Time limit: 7 days of ingame chess clock time plus 12 hours of the timer break after each turn of the opponent.
  5. The winners of each group will play in the final against the winners of all groups.
  6. All battles are created as a rated, with an average density of alias, unlimited playing time, and with 10 turns of revenue.
  7. Player gains 3 points for each victory win and 1 point for each draw. Tournament winners will be determined basing on the total sum of scores.
  8. If two or more players have the same score, the winner will be defined based on following factors (listed in priority order):
    a. Result of battles for equal-score players.
    b. Difference the number of turns in lost battles minus the number of turns in all won battles.
    c. Nicko rating of players.

If you have questions contact tournament moderators.