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Author:  expleto [ Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:35 am ]
Post subject:  MAN2++

since MAN3 is not forth coming I thought I would ask about MAN2++, I heard a lot about a man3, or man 2.5 and seen the java app for the game as it stands, but is there ever gunna be an update for this game, the developers are a bit nuts to divert all there attention to those other games that are just clones of other games that are also just clones of other games, I could go on all day like that, there all pretty rubbish as well. MAN2 is unique, there are other similar, but none as polished as this, even the galactic assault that they made was not as good as this, but thats probably because they didnt put in such a great game matching system. I did actually quite like that game, but with no decent matching system it was binned.
whats so annoying is that most of us can see a hundred great simple upgrades for the game, but the devs are not intrested. I remember from before that it was written in several awful languages which is probably the real reason they dont want to touch it again.

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